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SeeMy by E.R.

Microblading: everything you need to know about micro strokes (hair-by-hair) eyebrow tattooing


Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique that is remarkably natural-looking, allowing the shaping of a graceful eyebrow line and filling in any gaps using micro tattoo lines that perfectly imitate natural hair. Born in the United States and inspired by ancient Asian gestures, SeeMy by E.R. has imported this technique to France, where the method has become an overwhelming success.

Here are our answers to your most common questions:


What exactly is Microblading?


Also called ‘’6D technique’’, microblading aims to restructure the eyebrow line with very natural results. The technician uses an instrument endowed with a metal pen and Nano needles assembled on one line forming a thin blade in order to create a perfect replica of an ideal natural eyebrow. Elodie Raheriarivony, founder of See my Cils defines the detailed procedure as ‘’eyebrow calligraphy’’.


How long does Microblading last?


The results can last up to a year and a half, depending on your skin and its reaction to the pigments. Contrary to semi-permanent makeup that can sometimes fade to reddish or blueish tones after several months, microblading gently fades away with time. All it requires is a one-hour ‘’tattoo’’ session to redefine and fill-in your eyebrows followed with one touch-up session around  3 weeks after the procedure to set the pigmentation.


What is more painful: Microblading or Semi-Permanent Makeup?


Microblading is not painful. This procedure consists in adding pigments to the superior layers of your skin using needles that penetrate between 0,2 and 0,3 mm under the surface (electric micropigmentation of semi-permanent makeup penetrates up to 0,5 to 0,8 mm beneath the skin’s surface). As less nerve-endings are touched, this is much less painful and provokes less bleeding. The healing process is therefore faster. No unpleasant scab forms in the days following the procedure! In addition, the hairs and bulbs are not damaged and there is no problem with hair growth.


Take it one step further

This new technique uses the same machine but the tracing method is different: it shades in-between the hairs that have been drawn. The result is less natural, much more enhanced and resembles the “Brows on fleek” hashtag images seen on Instagram. The correct technique: the See my Cils team combines both complimentary methods, taking care to brighten the pigmentation on the brow line and enhancing the pigmentation in the tail of the brows for a perfect eyebrow selfie.


Microblading and Microshading: perfect eyebrows are possible! Book an appointment here.