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SeeMy by E.R.

Elodie Raheriarivony’s 10 Commandments for Perfect Features


With 10 years of experience under her belt working with prestigious and demanding clients, SeeMyCils founder and renowned eyebrow and lash beauty expert Elodie Raheria reveals her beauty tips for attaining the most beautiful eyes and brows.


1 – Eyebrows should not be the first thing other people notice when they see you. They structure your face and should be well groomed, but with a light hand. Ban the use of strong eyebrow pencils and repeated mascara applications to define your eyebrows. Instead of bad makeup routines, opt for a hair-by-hair long-term microblading procedure.


2 – Say no more to mascara residue and clumps that weigh on your natural lashes and dry them out. I even recommend that your brush out your lashes from the roots to remove pigments and residue that even the most diligent makeup remover can’t get to. This residue stifles the hair bulbs in the long-term and it becomes a vicious circle! You find your lashes have depleted growth, so you keep adding layers of mascara for added volume that simply stifles them even more.


3 – Proceed by gently removing your makeup, using a cotton swab down and upwards without rubbing. Rubbing will only increase falling out lashes and will damage the sensitive skin around your eyes. I am a big fan of micellar water-based solutions or tonics as opposed to dual-phase products that penetrate into the hair fiber making extension adherence much more difficult.


4 – Banish eyebrow waxing that can burn or damage this sensitive area and necessitates brisk tugging on ultra-thin skin. This will guarantee sagging skin!


5 – Do try and avoid daily tweezing of your brows to stay clear from irritating or over-soliciting the area. My advice: be patient in-between salon appointments and cover unruly hairs using concealer and highlighter.


6 – I love applying a line of black kohl in the inside of my upper lash line to enhance my lashes in seconds. However, avoid giving the lower lash line the same treatment as it weighs down the face. A good technique is to opt for a lower-lash tint to enhance the area without making your eyes appear smaller.


7 – I am also a big advocate of eye-drops that instantly brighten the eyes. Another tip: eye-strobing. A dab of beige or nude liner in the outer corner of your eyes and a touch of highlighter in the inner crease will make all the difference to tired and small eyes.


8 – There are no limits to using and abusing eye-contour patches. Use them in the evening before going-out or during bath-time on weekends! These mini-masks are full of hydrating ingredients that only serve to smooth and reduce swelling. I always apply them on my clients during extension or Lash Lift treatments for example, it makes all the difference!


9 – Remember that lash extensions necessitate daily upkeep for a long-term hold. Clean your lashes with the right products like the ones available at SeeMyCils and follow our instructions to the dot.


10 – Give the same care to your lashes that you would for your skin by getting regular treatments at home (special eyebrow serum cure) or at SeeMyCils for a growth and re-boosting Lash Lift treatment.


Elodie and her team remain at your disposal at the SeeMy by E.R. to embellish and enhance your features. Book an appointment!