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SeeMy by E.R.

Are you not yet familiar with this natural eyelash treatment that is currently all the rage with the most up-to-date beauty addicts? In only one hour, this procedure combines all the effects of a perm and eyelash tint with the added benefit of giving your lashes an intensive re-boosting treatment leaving you with visible effects lasting over 6 weeks. This new and impressive technique has been renamed “lash Botox” by its large fan base.

We have listed 8 good reasons to come and test the Lash lift treatment at See my Cils.


1° Do you have the habit of opting for an eyelash tint and perm to forgo the use of mascara during your holidays?

The Lash lift treatment curls and tints your lashes, but with an added eyelash care treatment to boot! The formula penetrates and coats your lashes from the roots to the ends giving them more resistance. It would be criminal not to take advantage of this technique!


2° Do you love lash extensions and never leave the house with bare lashes between touch-ups? It’s important to remember that in order to strengthen your natural lashes to support extension fibers and glue, it is often essential to take a break in-between two extension procedures. The Lash lift treatment opens the hair ends to ensure deep penetration of the active ingredients: proteins + keratin + vitamins.



3° When your lashes are in need of care, do you have a hard time diligently applying special lash serums morning and night over several weeks?

The Lash lift treatment takes only one hour – boosting lash growth for the six to eight weeks following the treatment. Entirely hassle-free!



4° Have you suffered from badly applied extensions in a less-than reputable salon, leaving you with sparse and weakened lashes? No need to panic. Before giving individual or Russian lash extensions a new try, it is strongly recommended to begin with an ‘’intensive care’’ procedure. The Lash lift treatment helps regenerate your lashes, allowing them to grow even faster.


5° You can’t imagine your life without mascara, even on Sunday mornings for quick errands to the bakery. The Lash lift procedure completely replaces mascara use, leaving your lashes with a graceful curl, better than via an eyelash curling wand and giving them a darker, more intense color. Tailored to all women, this technique is ideal for women with light-colored lashes who feel as though they look tired without makeup.


6° Are your lashes very straight/unruly/untamable, regardless of the best and latest mascara wand on the market? Lash extensions are ideal to shape harmonious eyelashes and the Lash lift is a great foundation to soften your natural lashes giving them the perfect curl.


7° Dark under-eye circles, puffiness and wrinkles…Do you feel that you look under-the-weather when you look in a mirror? By curling the superior eye lashes, the Lash lift instantly opens up your gaze and lifts your appearance and features. There is a reason why we call it “lash Botox”!


8° Do you hesitate about getting extensions due to the regular maintenance that it requires? In one session, this treatment transforms your eyes and face for over 4 weeks, without ever needing any additional skin or eye-care routines.


Convinced? Make an appointment now.


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