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How do you maintain your lash extensions to make them last as long as possible?


Individual or 3D volume extensions are an investment, its important to take all the necessary precautions to make them last as long as possible. Lashes begin to fall out about 3 weeks following the procedure – this is the time to book your touch-up appointment – but meanwhile, read on for the correct care routine to adopt.


In the first 48 hours following your lash procedure, do not get your lashes wet. Avoid sad films that will make you cry, no sauna’s, no hair washing or aqua gym session… drops of water prevent the glue from properly adhering to your lashes during the crucial drying period. Only the Nanomister Microdrop spray (available for purchase at See my Cils) is needed to accelerate drying and favor the glue’s polymerization. Additional benefits: diffusing very fine particles of water around your eyes avoids the unpleasant sensation of glue fumes.


Ban oil-rich products (makeup remover oil, oily serums and dual-phase solutions etc.) from your beauty routine for 3 days before getting your extensions and throughout the duration of your extensions. These products alter lash adherence.


Limit makeup use. The best option is to avoid using eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara whose pigments and particles collect at the base of your lashes and right onto the fixation point of the extensions, especially for 3D volume lashes. You can apply eye shadow on your lids, on the condition that you remove the makeup very carefully using a foam tip and cleansing water lotion or another adapted solution. Q-tips or cotton swabs usually tend to leave cotton fibers that stick to your eyelids. Note: shimmery eye shadows should never be used as they usually contain oil-rich ingredients.


Proceed with a meticulous brushing of your lashes once they are dry. When your lashes are wet, they are heavier and have a higher risk of falling out. Gently dab absorbent paper over your lashes before brushing them thoroughly with a spoolie brush or an old yet clean mascara wand.


Do not forgo the touch-up appointment after 3 to 4 weeks. At this point, you still have extensions left but your natural lashes continue to grow underneath them. The weight of the extensions will fall to the ends of your lashes, causing discomfort and fall-out. If you come for infills in time, the technician can remove them and re-apply new extensions to the roots.


Put away your eye lash curler that can cause a lot of damage to your extensions and even alter the beautiful curved shape created by the technician. If you desire to go for a more amplified curl, this can be done during the touch-up appointment.


Avoid temperature shocks such as a hair dryer close to your extensions. It is not a good idea to blow-dry your hair daily with warm air directed in your face.


The See my Cils team will reiterate all these tips and care techniques during the lash procedure and answer any of your questions.


Individual or 3D volume extensions: make an appointment here.

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